About Design Leadership Summit 2020

Close on the heels of myriad emerging technologies globally like artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality etcetera, design and innovation industry is also spreading its wings, thriving on the power of digital technology and the internet. As the world now begins to understand its new normal and with digital transformation at a rise, industries have changed their design thinking as well as their innovating factor to accommodate the new ways of living. Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), being a unique industry body representing the entire gamut of digital technologies and industries has thus a role to play in spearheading this industry by introducing the influence of collaboration and coordination in the mix.


Internet and Mobile Association of India launched its Design and Innovation Committee in November 2019 which facilitates the sdd

Design Awards 2020


IAMAI Design Awards 2020 are the awards to honor the designs which have brought about a disruptive change in the country/industry with their revolutionary ideas during the pandemic crisis.

Award Categories 
  • Social Impact and Bottom up Design 

    The design innovators who have worked to on the social front to help out the citizens of the pandemic struck nation.

  • Citizen centric Government Initiatives 

    All the government projects and initiatives which have shown an innovative turn to the usual policy and governance, during these times of crisis.

  • Industry and Innovative Design 

    If you’re an industry personnel and are working on an innovative idea or design which is one of its kind and has changed the course of virtual interaction/post pandemic normal.

  • Tech Design 

    All tech wizards/startups working on creating a cure/helping solution for the new normal the world is stepping in, this is the category for you.

Who can apply?

Any company, organization, institution, agency, consultancy, group or individual which has done any project that qualifies under any of the categories of awards within IAMAI Design Summit 2020

How to apply?

Applying for entry in the awards is a 3-step simple process:

  1. Click on the BUTTON below
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Make the entry fee
  • Submit your entries by 11th September 2020
  • Final round of evaluation to be done by 1st October 2020
  • Winners to be announced during the event
Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of each of the entries will be done using the Design for a better world index.

  1. Improves Personal Capabilities to think, feel, imagine, reason
  2. Connects people and enables community building 
  3. Enhances Life Satisfaction
  4. Provides a sense of flow and delight
  5. Reduces Effort and Facilitates Convenience
  6. Helps Save or Make Money
  7. Enhances Personal and Family Health and safety
  8. Enhances Feeling of Purpose
  9. Facilitates/enhances ways to live a more sustainable and socially responsible life
  10. Is designed to be inclusive
*The criteria are taken from the Design for a better world index created by Apala Lahiri Chavan as part of her PhD thesis


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