About Design Leadership Summit 2020

IAMAI’s Design and Innovation committee, as one of its initiatives, is launching its first, one of its kind virtual Design Leadership Summit and Awards 2020. Design increases competitiveness and makes the product or service attractive and enhances conversion to sales and increase in business, that is why we are in business. In the end, we do not want to burden the designers with too many KRAs, but in short stay focus on design that gets better return on investments.

Companies invest a lot on technology, selling, product etc. but till about 10-15 years back no investment was made in design. Design is perhaps the most important aspect of a product, service or process majorly because of 3 reasons; Communication, Competitiveness and Conversion. Spending money on marketing becomes useless if the design is flawed. One has to communicate correctly whether the brand is a walled garden like apple or an open inclusive arena like android.


Internet and Mobile Association of India launched its Design and Innovation Committee in November 2019 which facilitates the sdd


Design Awards 2020


IAMAI Design Awards 2020 are the awards to honor the designs which have brought about a disruptive change in the country/industry with their revolutionary ideas during the pandemic crisis.

Award Categories 
  • Social Impact and Bottom up Design 

    Designers who work towards improving the lives of people.

  • Industry and Innovative Design 

    Design-led innovation that enhanced business outcomes, impacted industry practices with new products, services or business models.

  • Tech Design 

    Meaningful application tech always leads to better value creation and customer experience. We want to see how tech startups are applying design principles to create user-centric design to add meaningful experience.

Who can apply?

Any company, organization, institution, agency, consultancy, group or individual which has done any project that qualifies under any of the categories of awards within IAMAI Design Summit 2020

How to apply?

Applying for entry in the awards is a 3-step simple process:

  1. Click on the BUTTON below
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Make the entry fee
  • Submit your entries by 25th September 2020
  • Final round of evaluation to be done by 1st October 2020
  • Winners to be announced during the event
Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of each of the entries will be done using the Design for a better world index.

  1. Improves Personal Capabilities to think, feel, imagine, reason
  2. Connects people and enables community building 
  3. Enhances Life Satisfaction
  4. Provides a sense of flow and delight
  5. Reduces Effort and Facilitates Convenience
  6. Helps Save or Make Money
  7. Enhances Personal and Family Health and safety
  8. Enhances Feeling of Purpose
  9. Facilitates/enhances ways to live a more sustainable and socially responsible life
  10. Is designed to be inclusive
*The criteria are taken from the Design for a better world index created by Apala Lahiri Chavan as part of her PhD thesis

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